Imagine Cass


Kevin and Denise of the dino project are proud to support Imagine Cass and the Village of Cassopolis master plan. Learn more about this plan and what it means for our community moving forward!

From the Village of Cassopolis' website:

"It is time to reignite Cass and we are starting with the heart of the County, your County seat, the Village of Cassopolis! We have been fortunate enough to work the past six months with Michigan State University and the Sustainable Built Environment Initiative on a visioning, design and planning process that has brought the Village, the County, the Economic Development Committee and the entire community together like never before! Throughout this process we have continued to build bridges of communication between residents, local governments, and businesses to share common goals, and have our voices heard; and what we learned is that this community is engaged and eager to move forward!

What you may not have realized, is that simultaneously, the Village has been working cohesively with MSU and Wightman (a planning, engineering and architecture firm) on its master plan in order to have a completed and comprehensive plan driven by the citizens. While the MSU visioning initiative focused on the Broadway Corridor, the Village has been taking a look at its Neighborhoods, Parks, Stone Lake, Industrial Park and the downtown areas, as well as, working with Cassopolis Public Schools on opening a coffee shop in the Village!"